Meadowfall is a micro-farm in Parsonsfield, Maine nestled along the New Hampshire border near Province Lake. We specialize in wild foraged foods found in our local meadows, forests, bogs and beaches. We also grow colorful and heirloom variety produce using sustainable principles on a small amount of acreage with intensive planting. It is a goal of ours to introduce food lovers to the color, beauty and unique tastes of unusual varieties of produce, whether they be wild or cultivated. We love foraging for wild food, as it is truly seasonal - from the earliest spring field sorrel to the late autumn Maitake mushrooms found beneath fallen oak leaves.

Much of our time from July through October is spent foraging for wild mushrooms. We have studied the countless varieties found in Northeastern forests for many years, and especially treasure mycorrhizal mushrooms such as Black Trumpets and Matsutake that require a symbiotic relationship with certain trees in order to grow; meaning they cannot be cultivated. 

We have a particular interest in preserving heirloom varieties of produce as they provide a more colorful and flavorful palette that we enjoy to see on our plates and growing on our farm.

"Permaculture" (permanent-agriculture) is a central design component on our farm. Each year we plant more perennial fruiting vines and trees, sometimes selecting and transplanting wild cultivars to complement the harvest of our foraged foods. For our annual market gardens, we grow intensively on less than one acre using low-tech, high-yielding methods. We use organic practices with no synthetic or chemical pesticides or fertilizers. 

We also raise heritage-breed chickens for their multi-colored eggs. Our animals are free-range and are always happy to roam around the yard eating grubs and grass while fertilizing the soil. We always believe in happy animals as they are endlessly entertaining to have around the farm. 

Meadowfall was established in 2012 by Alisha Langerman and Evan O'Day-Senior. In addition to farming and foraging, we embark on many creative endeavors - from woodworking to spinning and knitting, to graphic design, label and sign making and creative cooking endeavors. You can find us both each week at our summer farmers markets and we are always happy to discuss our various interests!