The Farm

We call the farm a ‘micro-farm’ as we are growing on significantly less land than most farms in this country. With less than an acre to grow on, we pride ourselves in maximizing efficiency by growing healthy plants with intensive spacing using low-tech, high-yielding methods.

We began in 2012 on our family's back-acre in Parsonsfield, Maine with one small A-frame greenhouse we built ourselves from maple saplings harvested from our land and raised beds made with compost, straw and cardboard.

In 2015 we expanded by building a hoophouse to increase our season-extending abilities and invested in a small, walk-behind tractor to increase our area of cultivation. Most of the work is done with hand tools such as the broad fork for aerating the soil, hoes for weeding, and a lot of human power. We follow sustainable growing principles, using no chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Our heritage-breed chickens provide us with a rainbow spectrum of eggs and organic fertilizer, but are most prized for their entertainment value.

We also have an interest in growing heirloom varieties of vegetables. Heirlooms are old, open-pollinated cultivars, some grown from seeds that have been passed down through the generations, preserving genetic diversity with colorful and flavorful cultivars.

Take a look at our gallery for a season of farming and foraging at Meadowfall Farm!