2017 CSA

2019 CSA information coming soon!

What is a CSA?

Community-supported agriculture is a locally-based economic model of agriculture and food distribution. By becoming a CSA member, you will be investing in our farm for the coming season. Members pay at the onset of the growing season for a share of the anticipated harvest; this early funding helps us to cover our growing expenses such as seeds, compost and tools. Once harvesting begins, you will receive weekly shares of our farmed and foraged produce, which can be picked up by you at the farm or one of our pickup locations.

What is Wild Foraging?

Foraging is as simple as going outside and picking your food from the wild. At Meadowfall, we've studied the local flora for years through field guides, lectures, guided walks and time and experience spent in our local ecology. Many of the crops we forage are common, often the wild relatives of cultivated crops such as wild spinach, grapes, blueberries, etc. We are also well-studied in the art of identifying wild mushrooms and delight in finding these gourmet delicacies, many of which grow only in symbiosis with forest ecology and cannot be cultivated.

What you'll get:

Each year’s harvest will vary depending on growing conditions. Wild foods are up to the whim of nature, but here is an idea of the variety that may be offered throughout the season:


Farm vegetables: chives, napa cabbage, salad greens (arugula, lettuce, mesclun, spinach), cooking greens (bok choy, baby kale, baby chard), kohlrabi, peas, radishes, salad turnips

Wild Foods: Cattail shoots, milkweed shoots, nettles, wild salad greens (garlic mustard, lambsquarters, purslane, sorrel), wild blossoms


Farm vegetables: Beans, rainbow beets, cabbage, rainbow carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic & scapes, salad greens (arugula, lettuce, mesclun, spinach), cooking greens (bok choy, kale, swiss chard), herbs, kohlrabi, melons, peas, peppers, fingerling potatoes, summer squash, cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, turnips, watermelon, zucchini

Wild Foods: Milkweed pods, sumac berries, wild salad greens (lambsquarters, purslane, sorrel), wild mushrooms: (black trumpets, chanterelles, yellowfoots, hedgehogs, chicken of the woods) wild fruits: (blueberries, blackberries, elderberries) wild herbs: (bayberry, sweet gale)


Farm vegetables: Beans, rainbow beets, brussels sprouts, cabbage, rainbow carrots, celeriac, eggplant, salad greens: (arugula, lettuce, mesclun, spinach) cooking greens (bok choy, kale, swiss chard), herbs, husk cherries, kohlrabi, leeks, onions, peppers, potatoes, radishes, cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, turnips, winter squash

Wild Foods: Wild salad greens, wild mushrooms: (black trumpets, yellowfoots, hedgehogs, hen of the woods, chicken of the woods, oysters, matsutake, lion’s mane) wild fruits: (apples, autumnberries, concord grapes) wild herbs


All members will receive weekly emails with recipe ideas and educational tips!

Example of a weekly Farm & Forage Share: 

(The content of each share will vary each week. For example, you may stock up on carrots one week and receive a new bunch every other week.)

(Weekly value $20): 

Pint of wild mushrooms ($4), pint of blueberries ($4), bunch of kale ($2.50), head of lettuce ($2) bunch of rainbow carrots ($2.50), quart of fingerling potatoes ($3), lb of tomatoes ($2). (example from July.)

Pricing & Options:

As the CSA funds our operating budget for the season, earlier payment is preferred. We have a limited amount of Farm & Forage Shares available, so reserve your share now!

Farm & Forage Share

20 weeks, June-October: $400

Members of our Farm & Forage Share will receive approximately $20 worth of flavorsome garden and wild produce each week throughout the growing season. You can expect a balanced and colorful seasonal selection of vegetables grown without the use of any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, weekly preparation and recipe ideas for the more unusual varieties, as well as foraging tips and information. Seasonally available wild-foraged crops will be included (typically 1 item a week.) Wild foods are extremely fleeting - expect to experience something new each week!

Market Share

June-October: Half - $200, Full - $400

Market shares allow you more choice and flexibility in your share. With a market share you will have a running tab to spend at our farmers markets - you choose to spend as much or as little as you'd like each week from whatever we have to offer at our stand and receive a 10% discount off our retail prices. We will keep track of your tab for you. A great way to support your local farmer while keeping your weekly produce options open! Your tab balance will last the length of our 2017 farmers market season, and you may refill your tab at any time if you run out!


Where to pickup your share:


Current pickup locations: 

Meadowfall Farm, Parsonsfield  - day/time flexible

Portland Food Co-op - Mondays 4:30-8:00pm

Wolfeboro Farmers Market - Thursdays, 12:30-4:30pm, June-October

York Gateway Farmers' Market - Saturdays, 9:00am-1:00pm, June-October

Special CSA Extras:

Our Farm & Forage CSA will likely contain produce you've never heard of! Learn about all nature has to offer with our weekly educational tips, including recipes and foraging tips sent out in a weekly email to all of our members. 

Where is Meadowfall Farm?

180 Shore Acres Rd. Parsonsfield, Maine


The Crate 

You have the option of purchasing one of our handmade wooden crates. We ask for a $30 deposit to cover the cost to make them. At the end of the season you may choose to keep the crate or return it for your deposit back! Make sure to bring your crate with you every week so we can fill it up for you!

Are you organic?

We are not yet certified organic, but it is a goal for the near future. In the meantime, we practice entirely organic methods using no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Our soil is fertilized with organic compost, lime, alfalfa meal and bone char. We keep insects in check by hand-picking and protecting plants with row covers and netting.

Our wild produce is inherently organic, and we make sure to harvest sustainably from pristine locations far from any possible contaminants.


After filling out our signup form, we will send you an email invoice with options for payment. You will be able to pay securely online with a credit/debit card, or send a check to:

Meadowfall Farm

180 Shore Acres Rd.
Parsonsfield, Maine 04047

(make checks payable to 'Meadowfall Farm')